7 Creative OnlyFans Ideas to Boost Earnings!

Struggling to make money from you onlyfans? Fear not we’ll give you not 1, nor 2 but 7 creative OnlyFans ideas to supercharge your earnings!

August 31, 2023

7 Creative OnlyFans Ideas To Boost Earnings Nekotech

So you’re looking for ways to boost your OnlyFans game? You’re in the right place! We’re here to share some out-of-the-box ideas to help you earn more. And guess what? We’ve got 7 awesome tips lined up for you. Let’s dive in!

This blog is for those who are already using OnlyFans and have taken care of the basics to start earning money, but if you’re new to this, we suggest checking out this blog. It covers the essential steps every model should learn and master to begin making money on this platform.

Let’s get started! There are mainly two strategies to boost your earnings on OnlyFans:

  • Attracting new followers to your profile.
  • and the other is to get more money from your existing fans.

We’ll start with the first one, which is bringing new people to your profile through marketing!

Here’s a fun challenge: If you can answer the next question accurately, you are a top-notch seller and you’re free to leave this blog (we’re joking about that lol)

Ready for the question? Which type of marketing gives the best results without spending a lot of money?

The answer might surprise you – creative marketing *mind-blown!* Wondering why? Let’s explain why we think so.

People in marketing usually fit into three groups:
1. those who don’t know how to do it,
2. those who spend a lot of money on it, and
3. those who uncovered the magic formula (creative marketing).

Now the third group is special because they know how to do more with less (read with no money). They can bring the same, if not more, number of people to see their product with far less resources. Creativity becomes the ultimate tool when funds are limited.

When you start a business, you often don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing, let alone amounts needed to spam your product to everyone (Thanks, WIX, for flooding our YouTube with ads all year long!), that’s why you rely on creativity to get to customers with fun and new ideas.

7 Creative OnlyFans Ideas To Boost Earnings Creative Marketing

The magic of marketing? It’s that ANYTHING can be sold. Believe it or not, even not-so-great products can shine with the right marketing and see good sales. But for a business to last, quality matters. Marketing might get the first sale, but it’s the quality that keeps customers coming back.

So, what is creative marketing?

It’s a fresh and original way to show off products, services, or brands. Instead of the usual ways, creative marketing tries to catch people’s attention with something new and different. The goal is to stand out in a crowded marketplace, be remembered, and ultimately drive interest, loyalty, and sales.

It’s the kind of marketing that makes you feel good when you see it. It makes you curious and draws you in to learn more about the product.

In order for it to be successful, make sure to follow these rules:

It should be original and authentic:

Creative marketing means coming up with new and special ideas that haven’t been used a lot before. It’s about doing something different from the usual to make things exciting.

Even though it’s all about being unique, it still needs to match the brand’s personality and what it believes in. This way, the marketing stays true to what the brand is all about.

The content should make people feel something (TRIGGER AN EMOTION)

It goes beyond the usual by aiming to make people feel things deeply and truly connect with them. It taps into emotions like humor, understanding, nostalgia, or motivation.

This kind of marketing wants to build strong emotional links between the brand and its customers. It’s all about making people surprised and happy, so they remember the experience. And when people really like something, they tend to share it with others and become big supporters of the brand.

Don’t forget to think outside the box – innovative:

Keep up with the newest technologies and trends, and be ready to adjust to how people behave and communicate. Creative marketing often looks into digital tools, social media, and ways to make things interactive.

So if you want to create a captivating mini-campaign that turns heads you need to produce a “wow” moment for your audience. Your goal? Make them think, “What a brilliant idea! I’m definitely interested.”

For inspiration, check out these innovative ads

applying this to your onlyfans

You can use the same logic on your onlyfans profile with existing fans just make sure that you adapt it. For example, you can start a completely fresh trend (like on TikTok) or put together a series of images where you wear something odd that makes people look twice.

Or why not play around with photos from unique angles or poses that spark imagination. Once you have the main idea you can break it down and enhance it with your own innovative twists that come to your mind.

This can end up generating infinitive amounts of onlyfans ideas that do well and get the job done.

In short, think about how to get more money from them in a creative way. When done creatively, it’s a win-win: you’re happy, they’re happy, plus you continue to build more trust!

Many famous TikTokers and YouTubers have a smart way of sharing videos. They first grab their followers’ interest and then subtly show them their products. A great example is the TikTok slime company named Peachy Slime.

When you watch their videos, you’ll notice that they don’t straight away ask you to buy their slime. Instead they share captivating content in order to make people want to try the slime for themselves.

They highlight how enjoyable it is to play with, its pleasant smell, and how satisfying it is to make new shapes out of it. And then when they get you excited and warmed to click that ‘buy’ button, there’s an easy-to-find link in their profile.

Now, think about applying this same method to your Instagram, where your goal is to get people to your onlyfans. Or, use this approach on your OnlyFans to remind your followers about you and get a boost in PPV sales, etc

In addition to attracting a new audience, they also remind their old customers of their brand and thus generate both new and old sales. The best marketing is when you don’t even realize it’s happening.

How do I use all this for my onlyfans profile to generate income you ask? Let’s get to the ideas.

7 onlyfans ideas to try out now:

7 Creative OnlyFans Ideas to Boost Earnings

1. Start vlogging on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram

First of 7 onlyfans ideas is to start a vlog. You might think it’s too basic, but starting a vlog can be a game-changer. Why? Let us share a story.

One day, a member of our team was scrolling on TikTok (procrastinating, of course) when a video by a user named Taylor Brumann caught her attention. The content was so relatable to our colleague, she ended up exploring Taylor’s entire profile. She thought ‘wow what a girl, I could watch her forever.‘ until she came to a clip in which Taylor talks about her job, and guess what it’s about. Onlyfans.

When our team took a closer look at Taylor’s approach, we realized it was a brilliant strategy because this was a perfect example of how to bring new followers by leading an account that actually has nothing to do with your job (onlyfans) or the adult industry in general.

Taylor managed to present her personality and create a connection with interesting content and get a strong following (25.6K followers and almost 800,000 likes on tiktok). She occasionally talks about her onlyfans and even then she does not sell anything, but only mentions that it is her job. For those interested, she left a link in her bio.

With this move, she managed to attract a crowd of people who like her and her humor or thinking and offer them her product in an subtle way. Creative marketing at its finest.

This strategy works especially well if you have a specific niche. In that case, you can create videos centered around your niche and further talk about it –> Peachy Slime

2. Start a storytelling blog on Tumblr

Another very good way to find a like-minded audience is to start writing stories about your niche or fantasies. Topics can range from educational content to stories, similar to erotic novels, or even a mix of both. Tumblr is the perfect network for this type of content because it can easily attract this type of audience.

3. QR codes

One very good off the grid idea could be printing flyers with QR codes directing to your OnlyFans or a landing page, along with a catchy description.

All you need is some imagination, a printer, and a good will to place these flyers around the city. A well-placed QR code with an intriguing message can tempt many to scan out of curiosity. If there’s a hint that it’s related to adult content, even those who may not be your target audience might check it out just to see what it’s about.

This strategy is especially good for those who prefer anonymous promotion.

4. T-shirts with a print

Here’s another cool off the grid idea: use T-shirts with a special print.

This is great for those who are brave and okay with letting others know about their OnlyFans. You can put a QR code on the front of the shirt or the back of a skirt. Add a fun line like “Scan to see what’s underneath.“.

This method has an even greater potential to create loyal subscribers because these people actually have a chance to meet you and and get to know you. This creates a connection, and connection with people helps keep fans for a longer time.

5. Live streams

Now this is a exciting way to make money within your onlyfans, and if you’re not doing live streams you’re missing out big. For instance, look at @pinkydoll. She went viral and made herself a millionare by imitating NPC characters on TikTok through live streams.

Even Elon Musk tweeted about her!

What’s cool about live streams is that fans can send you tips in real-time, and they can also give you immediate feedback and suggestions, which you can use to make your content even better.

There are many interesting ways to entertain your fans during these live streams. Not only do you make them happy, but you also get to connect with them because they can see you, hear you, and ask you questions in real-time.

Here are some ideas you can try on your streams:

Fetish content:
Give your fans a 1-hour session related to your niche in the form of some fetish content. Pinkydoll does something called an NPC fetish and in this way motivates people to throw her tips using emojis she imitates in her videos. You can do something similar that fits your style and make some extra money.

Chill and Q&A:
Sometimes you can just hang out with your fans. Answer their questions, do fun challenges they suggest, and just enjoy each other’s company. For example, if you niche is a gamer girl, then turn on a game and play and talk to the fans. Or maybe it’s cosplay and anime? Then talk about your favorite hentai, manga, try new costumes. The list goes on and on.

Themed Content:
You can also have special themes for your streams. You can create them based on the time of the year, popular culture, or fan suggestions. Make each theme special with your own twist to make your fans feel like it’s just for them.

Digital slave:
A suggestive name that actually means that you give your fans full control to ‘do’ what they want to you while you live stream. For example, you can create your own ‘menu’ where each item has its own price. Fans can tip you and buy things from that menu. What you put on your menu is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

Sites like livejasmin are also a good place to find inspiration. Here, the girls hold live stream sessions just like on Twitch, but the nature of the content is explicit.

Voting on upcoming content, or occasional giveaways are some of the things you can organize in streams and can increase fan engagement and in turn, help boost earnings.

There are so many ways you can make money through live streams, and if you run out of ideas, a quick Twitch search can give you tons of inspiration like this one and this one.

These are just some of the categories on twitch that you can visit and get inspired. From bathing in the sauna to massages, find the one you like and copy it!

6. Personalized Content

Another great onlyfans idea to earn more is by offering personalized content. Based on our agency’s experience, our models make 30% of their income by sharing custom content. Every fan of yours has something that they like and would gladly pay more money to get from you.

By doing this, you not only boost your earnings but also build stronger ties with your fans, ensuring they come back each month.

    Of course, it is very important to establish clear limits on what you’re comfortable with when taking custom requests, as some can be crazy and unpleasant. Custom content could be your biggest way of earning on onlyfans, just ensure everything you do aligns with your personal boundaries.

    7. Sell personal stuff

    Do you remember that girl who sold her bathwater to people over the Internet? Let us remind you, that girl’s name is Bella Dephine and she is currently one of the highest paid girls on the onlyfans platform.

    You have to give her a round of applause for the idea because it’s so simple and amazing it’s genius. Just like Bella, you can sell various things to your fans, starting with clothes, sex toys, books, whatever you can think of.

    And if you don’t have an idea what to offer, ask your fans through polls. They’ll let you know exactly what they’d like to get from you.

    Aaaaand we came to the end of our blog! Now you’re equipped with 7 different ways to make more money doing onlyfans!

    Coming up with fresh ideas takes time and effort, and sometimes it can be tough and even frustrating. So if you want to increase your earnings, but you hate dealing with these things, let us handle it!

    Our agency has been helping models achieve financial success for over 3 years, and we’re not slowing down. If you’re ready for the next level in your OnlyFans journey, visit our homepage and hit the “Apply now” button. You’ll receive a free, no-strings-attached review of your OnlyFans profile as well as tips on where you make mistakes!

    Or if you have some basic questions that you would like to ask us, you can do that at contact@nekotechagency.com

    See you in the next blog đź‘‹ but in the meantime check out our other blog post on creating the best possible content that turns likes into cash!

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