Exposing the (5) Hottest Onlyfans Trends

Join us as we talk about the 5 most promising onlyfans trends that will set you up for success!

October 2, 2023

Exposing the 5 Hottest Onlyfans Trends

Hey creators and future creators! Happy you stopped by because today we’re going to let you in on the best preforming onlyfans trends that make the most cha-ching on the platform. It’s like people can’t get enough of them.

Trends can be hit or miss, some are short lived while others are like we like to call them “evergreen”. If you’re new to the term, it means when something never get’s out of style no matter how old it is.

For example, a classic white button-up shirt paired with a bold red lip? Timeless! Or take the song “Smooth Operator” by Sade – it dropped way back in 1984 and is still getting remixes and trending on TikTok in 2023 – that’s evergreen for y’all.

Grasping the power of trends is like having a magic key to unlock the realm of endless possibilities and monetization. In the world of onlyfans you can use trends to your advantage and supercharge both your feed and your promotions.

In this post we’re gonna focus on your feed, revealing the trends that have proven to be the most profitable and successful with our own models over time. Ready to find out? Keep reading!

So, what are onlyfans trends?

Before we begin, what are trends and why are they important? Trends, are like the latest, hottest things everyone is loving!

On OnlyFans, trends are super-duper important because they help you know what fans are totally into at the moment. They’re like your magical map to creating content that’s a mega-hit! Of course they do shift from year to year.

The ones we’re we’re diving into aren’t just hot now but have that lasting, evergreen quality. So, if you choose to pick one of them, you’re probably good to go for a looong period of time. Plus, these trends can also work as your niche.

Speaking of niches, here’s why you absolutely NEED them – Importance and Ideas for Your Onlyfans Niche

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best money making onlyfans trends of 2023.

onlyfans trend #1 – girl next door

Girl Next Door Aesthetics Trend

Everyone loves the sweet and innocent “Girl Next Door” vibe. This trend is about embracing you natural, cute self, creating a cozy and comforting ambiance. It creates a image of a girl that is living her everyday life – enjoying common things like reading, going to college, hitting the gym, and more.

You might see her picking up some groceries or riding an elevator, always with a beautiful, reassuring smile. She’s stunning but is never the one to make the first move or strike up a conversation.

How to achieve this look:

Looks: Simple, casual clothes, Gen Z outfits, dresses – nothing too revealing, but it needs to be suggestive. A “clean,” light makeup look and natural hairstyles like waves, braids, or buns are your best bets.  Usually, they don’t wear tattoos or piercings and stick to their natural hair color.

They might be “basic,” but there’s a “popular girl from school” charm to them. Although clear skin is a must, they may do faux freckles or leave little imperfections to be their signature style.

Personality: Genuine, kind-hearted, and exude warmth. They seem approachable and have soft warming faces. You can always see them with a smile. Intelligent but never overwhelming. She seems like the type that would rather dig to go on a walk with you over sitting in a fancy restaurant.

why do people find the girl next door attractive?

Many are seeking real, genuine connection in a world filled with over-the-top personalities. People like the idea of the “girl next door”, someone they can have a crush on, someone who would welcome them warmly if they take the first step.

She’s giving down to earth approachable vibes and won’t judge anyone based on their financial situation. It provides a break from the intense, often fake world of social media. People imagine these girls as trustworthy and someone with they can form a genuine connection without the material things – kind of like the ultimate “wifey material” girl.

Creators rocking this onlyfans trend:

onlyfans trend #2 – innocent girl

Innocent Girl Aesthetics trend

This persona shares traits with the girl next door, but people are drawn to her for different reasons. This trend is all about the girl who seems pure, sweet, feeling like someone you’ve known forever. Think of the innocent girl from your school or neighborhood. She’s young, unexperienced and curious.

How to achieve this look:

Looks: She might resemble the girl next door, but she mixes things up with girly, more revealing clothes. Her makeup is mostly light but she does rock longer eyelashes, more blush and eyeliner. No tattoos, clean skin, and no piercings – you’re aiming for a young, teenager appearance.

Body hair is a no go with this one. Hair is typically left natural – not styled, also you might want to stick to natural hair colors like brown, blonde or dark.

Personality: These girls seem shy and act like they don’t know much about… well, anything. They look like they haven’t been with anyone, but they seem really curious and want to try new things; they’re just a bit shy and scared.

She’s innocent but definitely interested in learning. She seems like she’s gullible and easy to hook up with.

why do people find the innocent girl attractive?

These personas share similarities like the girl next door but there’s a distinct difference – people are drawn to the idea of a beautiful, young girl who’s all over them. Her power lies in the combination of the polished, and beautiful look of the “girl next door” and her approachable innocence.

Many men have a preference towards young girls, partly due to their age and partly for the fact that they are “untouched” and everything is new to them. They come with no expectations, reducing the risk of any hurt. People see them as a shiny pearl or treasure waiting to be taken.

Creators rocking this onlyfans trend:

onlyfans trend #3 – luxury girl

Luxury Girl Aesthetics Trend

This onlyfans trend focuses on girls that are the exact opposite of the ones we’ve talked about. These girls are glam all over, always looking and acting extra.

They are super unapproachable irl because they look like they’re the girlfriends and wives of millionaires, seeming totally out of reach. They are the opposite of natural beauty because they don’t like that. Big lips, big breasts and a fit physique – they give you the experience of a girl you could never afford.

How to achieve this look:

Looks: In one word: Glam! They love to dress up elegantly with high heals, dresses and designer outfits, and you can often see them dining in fancy restaurants and spending money living the high life.

Makeup is a must for them – it’s clear they are wearing it, but it always looks neat and well-done. They wear jewelry and might have some tattoos and piercings, but nothing too crazy.

Many often look like they have done cosmetics procedures like boob and lips jobs. They always have their hair done and might wear extensions.

Personality: She knows she’s a high value girl and acts like it. Some of them openly want money and demand it – the sugar baby one, while others act wealthy but still want someone to spoil them and pick up the tab.

They can be demanding but they know how to talk with a sweet baby girl voice that makes their fans do anything for them. The perfect man-eater that’s really good at getting what she wants.

why do people find the luxury girl attractive?

Most likely, 80% of guys couldn’t afford to be with a girl like this, and these girls probably wouldn’t be interested anyway – different leagues! So, it’s pretty interesting for people because OnlyFans lets them interact and have a “girlfriend experience” with a high-value girl who’s unreachable in real life – making her all the more desirable.

Also people may be interested in her lifestyle and find it inspirational, as that’s something they wanna achieve in the future.

Creators rocking this onlyfans trend:

onlyfans trend #4 – Amine/Cosplay

Anime Girl Aesthetics Trend

These girls turn fantasies into real life – literary. Imagine falling for a game character and feeling bummed because you can never meet her in real life because she doesn’t exist.

Enter anime creators that can turn into any character of your dreams. From amine to RPG, they can shapeshift and turn unattainable into a real thing.

How to achieve this look:

Looks: Pulling off this style can be quite a task! From makeup to costumes, bringing imaginary characters to life needs a lot of creativity, skill, and yes, money.

These creators focus of what makes animated characters stand out – exaggerated features such as humongous breasts, “anime thighs”, skinny waists, long colorful wigs and distinctive makeup. And if you’re doing cosplay, you’ll need the right outfits to really bring the character to life. The point is to look extremely cute and innocent at all times.

Their outfit choices usually consists of dresses that emphasize their curves paired with long ponytails and distinctive big-eyed makeup look. They are overly sexualized but act like they aren’t aware of it. Also if you can nail their distinctive high pitched “uwu” voice, you’re set up for success.

Tbh nailing the perfect anime look is tough because it’s simply unrealistic. But some girls like Bella Delphine had the luck to have a solid foundation to pull it off. But fear not, if you can rock the personality part you still have a solid chance.

Personality:  Looks aren’t all, this type of niche requires for a certain type of personality. And that includes acting like a heroine from a popular anime or manga.

A favorite persona creators often go for is the “waifu.” In manga talk, a waifu is someone who’d make the perfect girlfriend. Waifus can be any type – shy, self-centered, sweet, sad, scary, you name it. But lots of creators opt for the shy, sweet, dependent, and loyal waifu.

They act super cute and are obsessed with their love interest (fans). In manga world, these waifus are known as “deredere” and “tsundere” characters.

Two more waifu types worth exploring are the mommy one (himdere) and the catgirl one (nyadere).

The first is all about control – she sees her fans as beneath her, manipulates them like a pro, and loves being adored by them. She’s in charge, and she knows her fans would do anything for her. If you ever seen a masculine or a scary dominating cosplay on tiktok and people commenting “mommy” in the comments, you know what we’re talking about.

The cat girl shares the traits of the deredere and tsundere characters but likes to dress up and act like a cat. Many creators impersonating amine characters often wear cat ears even though they don’t distinctively focus on being a cat girl.

why do people find the anime girl attractive?

It’s sorta obvious if you’re seeing it from an anime/manga fan’s perspective. It’s their dream come true. You have a girl that looks and acts like your favorite character.

In core anime girl characters are designed and made to appeal to the male audience and in other words that means portraying a nice submissive sex-bot for enjoyment. Amine/manga girls are designed to be more attractive than real woman because they were created by man who know what other men like and want in a woman.

A lot of fans dream of finding someone like this, and while it’s impossible (and unrealistic, as women are and should be much more than this portrayal) to find them in the real world, OnlyFans and its creators offer a way for these fans to connect with their ideal waifu.

Creators rocking this onlyfans trend:

onlyfans trend #5 – Gamer Girl/geek

Gamer Girl Aesthetics Trend

This trend often gets mixed up with cosplay and roleplay since they have some things in common. This trend pictures a gamer’s ultimate dream.

A true gamer girl that is both feminine and shares their love for playing games. She’s the perfect combination of a hot girl that knows how to play a game of LOL plus won’t nag you for gaming all day.

How to achieve this look:

Looks: Best word to describe the look is PINK (90% of the time) They have a lot in common with the anime look when it comes to makeup – think big puppy eyes, cute, girly looks, pink blush, freckles, cute hairstyles like ponytails, messy bun, let down natural hair or even wigs.

E-girl makeup” would best describe this look. For clothes, most girls go with two approaches: super girly, in light or dark themes, and more realistic.

The super girly ones love to wear skirts, crop tops and clothes that show off their attributes (reveals their boobs, naked stomach, thighs and etc.) that make them look girly. They might go for bright pink or a darker, emo look. Accessories like chokers, colored nails, and contacts are common here.

The realistic one loves baggy and too big clothes’ such as sweaters, and t shits with game prints, usually with tight shorts underneath. They don’t do jewelry as much, and their makeup is slightly more natural but they do keep the big eyes with eyeliner.

Whether they go super girly or more laid-back, the signature style is usually a pink headset, sometimes paired with glasses, and a girly background featuring a PC, gaming chair, and pinkish neon lights. Some gamer girls even mix in a bit of cosplay, dressing up as popular game characters.


This trend represents the fetish version of the traditional girl gamer (these are just normal girls who happen to love games. They don’t even call themselves gamer girls, just gamers). “Gamer girls” in this trend don’t actually have to be experts at games, but it really counts. The bare minimum would be knowing popular games and their characters.

At their core they are super cute, little competitive and seductive to the point. They use this cuteness to seduce their audience without overly showing their body (so no naked parts). They’re typically shy, act sweet (sometimes using that “uwu” voice), but can get loud and competitive in-game. They’re seen as really smart since they’re into intellectual stuff.

Keep in mind that fans who love the gamer girl niche will probably subscribe more for the look than for personality. Ideally you could portray a full on traditional female gamer that knows how to play games (one or more) really well and has a passion for geek stuff like, comic books, science fiction, technology and such, but dresses and acts like the gamer girl look we talked about.

If you just want to use the niche but don’t care for video games you can totally put up a “fake” gamer girl persona, where you “look” the part but try to conceal the “know” part.

why do people find the gamer girl attractive?

Simply said she’s everything people like in female gamers but with a twist, she has the looks of a top model, unlike the everyday gamer. It’s like finding the perfect wife in an overall male community.

To many, it’s more of a fetish because this trend represents a woman who shares their interests but sticks to certain aesthetic which is a extremely sexy geek. Some fans even like that they are given attention and validation from someone who appears to share their interests in other words gaming and fandom.

Creators rocking this onlyfans trend:

Bonus trend – step-bro/sis fetish

This one is for the sturdy ones – the step-bro fetish. We didn’t include this one as a separate trend because you can combine it with all of the above. This one steps into taboo area which explores forbiden fantasies which is fair to say not for everyone.

There is noting special about this one regarding looks and personality. Anyone can do it and that’s why it’s considered easy to take on. But bear in mind that this is definitely not for everyone. If you’re not prepared to engage with the audience and create content in this niche, it’s best to steer clear.

And there we have it, this is our take on the 5 best money making trends on onlyfans in 2023!

Remember, trends can shift, and currently these are the ones that preform the best and what audiences are craving. Of course you can also explore into less mainstream ones such as BDSM, dominante female, ultra fat or skinny baby, goddess, fitness babe and such.

Sometimes focusing on a specific and not so popular niche can be equally rewarding because not many creators do it but there is a demand for it. So you might be targeting a smaller group, but once you find them they’re likely to stick around for the long haul!

Trends change all the time, who know what will be popular in 5 years from now, maybe some AI girls? NPC fetishes? We can’t wait to see! See you in the next blog!

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