Finding Your Perfect Onlyfans Niche – 5 Important Tips

Here are 5 tips on getting your creator journey started on onlyfans beginning with the basics – finding your onlyfans niche.

October 17, 2023

Finding Your Perfect OnlyFans Niche – 5 important tips

Today we’re going to deep dive into this very important topic and that is finding your onlyfans niche!

You don’t know what a niche is? Well ladies, get your pen and notebook and start taking notes. Doing onlyfans without a niche is very, very hard (believe us, we tried it). It’s like trying to please everyone at the same time, and yes, can absolutely make it but typically requires having a likable face or great body.

So if you didn’t win the genetic lottery and come out looking like Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Marlin Monroe, Bella Hadid, or even a cat, than it’s best to steer clear of that road and take the time to find your niche.

So, what exactly is a niche?

Niche is a category on which you content is focused and based on. Pinpointing your niche is very important as it helps you understand your audience or niche market better. Those are the people who are likely to be interested in your product.

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Let’s explain it through an example. Suppose you’re selling a SIMS game. You likely already have an idea of your target audience. That’s right, women aged 18-24, according to this site. In this scenario SIMS game is your niche and woman 18-24 make up your niche market or your audience, the group of people most likely to enjoy and buy your product.

Doing onlyfans without a niche is tough primarily for this reason – you don’t know who you’re targeting and in result you don’t make any sales. Like we mentioned earlier, if you naturally have goddess-like beauty (all women are incredible, but we’re dealing in facts here) finding your audience is a piece of cake because everyone is into you. Those girls have the luck to post one tiktok and get instant fame without doing much effort.

But let’s be real, most of us aren’t born with that kind of luck. So instead of exhausting ourselves trying to please everyone, we’re gonna work smart and find a smaller circle of people we’re gonna focus.

So, do you need a niche? Are you Adriana Lima? Then, yes you need it.

So how can you find your niche, where do you even begin? Well, get ready, because we’re about to spill all the secrets! We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into the tips!

tip #1 – random pick

Finding your niche from a list

This is the easiest way to find a niche – choose any that you find attractive from a list. Problem solved?

Not so fast. It may be the easiest but it doesn’t mean it’s the best solution. Tbh we believe it’s probably the least effective approach because you risk missing out on your natural potentials if you choose to pick a niche from a random list of ideas.

We’ll dive deeper into that shortly, but if you’re looking to skip the analysis and just want to quickly pick one and move on, check out this link where you’ll find over 30 niche ideas to choose from!

Upsides 👍:

We don’t totally discredit this method because, after all, you’ll have a niche at the end of the day. And, if you’re serious about your marketing, you might even make it work really well. Plus, who knows, you might just stumble upon the perfect one for you!

Downsides 👎:

The issue with this approach is that you might choose the wrong one for you and do more harm than good.

Selecting a random niche without any background knowledge is like waving a nail artist certificate in a surgery room – it’s just not gonna work. That’s because even though you don’t know anything about your niche, your future audience does, they’ll see right through it. They’ll label you as a fake, leading to missed opportunities and zero income.

On the other hand you might end up choosing a niche that simply doesn’t align with your persona or appearance.

Imagine you wanna do a anime niche where you supposed to look Asian, cute, big eyes, pale skin but you look and act more like Jennifer Lopez. You could pull it off, but it’s gonna be wayyy harder. See what we mean? It would make much more sense to choose a niche like a dominating, hot latina.

This doesn’t only apply to you, but also to your potential audience. People interested in anime girls are typically younger, often geeks and gamers, who already have a clear image of how their anime heroine should look, and believe us, she does not look like Jennifer. So, even if you do perfect marketing and do the best uwu voice, when you finally reach your audience chances are many of them might not be interested.

Tip #2 analyze your appearance

finding the perfect niche analyze your appearance

When selecting your niche, there are three routes you can take: look the part, act the part, or combine the two.

In this tip we’re gonna talk about looking the part. This method is good because here you won’t make the mistake of choosing something that doesn’t fit you. If you really wanna nail you niche (or niches) consider this as the initial step in the equation.

So here we want you to focus and really think about what fantasy is your appearance fulfilling. You need to find your best features.

First step is to do your research and find a rather big list of niches and write them all down in your notebook (we hope you have a lock on it). A good starting point could be our list or this blog or even sites like FetLife or people asking the reddit community

Got your list? Awesome! Now head over to tip #1. Just kidding!

Now stand in front of your mirror and take a good look at yourself. Try to to see yourself from a third-person perspective and write a full report about your appearance.

Here are some questions you might consider while writing:

Hair color, length & style:
Eye color:
Face shape (heart, diamond, oval, long, ect.)
Nose (big, small)
Eyes (big, small, almond, doe, droopy, etc.)
Lips (big, small, top bigger, bottom bigger)
Jaw (strong, soft)
Eyebrows (strong, light, arched, straight)
Neck (long and thin, short and bulky)
Skin color (white, tanned, latina, asian pale, asian yellow, pale black, dark black)
Distinctive about me: I have freckles, I have a Marlyn Monroe beauty mark, different colored eyes (maybe you like to play with colored lenses), I have a crazy hair color, I’m super tall/short, I have hip dips, big ass, small (pussy emoji), big thighs etc.
Height (tall/short):
Weight (skinny, normal, fat, obese)
Fit level (athletic build, model-like physique, muscular gym build, average but attractive, average with some rolls and fat deposits, overweight, etc.)
Boobs (small/normal/big pointy, droopy, breastfeed, plump, etc.)

You get the idea – look at every little thing about yourself. Don’t miss anything because lots of people like lots of different things. Even the stuff you might not like about yourself, like stretch marks, might be what makes you the most money.

Now being objective about yourself can be hard because we’re always self-criticizing, buttt other people aren’t, and that’s why you can do one of the following:

1. ask friends

Ask an honest friend or a group of friends to check you out and help you write down everything, AND to point out what they think are your best features.

2. Make a tinder experiment.

For this Tinder experiment, you’ll need a Tinder account (if you don’t have one, create it), 9 pictures of yourself (that’s the most you can upload), and a caption.

Ever seen a car selling ad, where they take pictures of the car following certain rules to make sure the future buyer can check out the vehicle before making contact or purchasing? That’s exactly what you need to do with those 9 pics.

You can search online to see how models apply to agencies and use those photos as inspiration for taking your own, like the ones you can find here. Don’t forget to take pictures of every part of yourself – your feet, chest, hands, thighs. Every detail matters.

While you can put on your signature makeup (whatever type you prefer) pleaseee avoid filters and photoshoped images. The point is to be your natural self because only that way you can get real and honest feedback useful for your strategy.

Don’t be scared to pose when taking photos, maybe you doing a split, perfectly arching your back or having the best puppy face is something worth exploring.

And now for the final touch – the caption. This is where you’ll ask strangers to evaluate you and share what they think are your best features. The caption can be something like this:

“Hi! New to Tinder, can you do me a favor? Can you tell me what are my most attractive features and my bad ones (optional: This could provide helpful information to consider when deciding on your niche choices, but be aware, it might also impact your self-esteem) I want you to be honest about it. (you can even put in something they could get from you for a honest answer like a boob pic or something)”

And now start liking EVERYONE (but don’t overdo or you’ll get banned), not just the people you like. Chances are the people who like you might not be the ones you like back. So like everyone.

You’ll definitely start getting feedback. You can chat with these people learn about the fantasies they imagine with you and gather even more info. Another crucial thing to note is their age and where they’re from (their ethnicity).

Once you gather all of this data you will have a pretty good idea of what turns people on about you and from there you can narrow down niches from your list.

Tip #3 don’t forget your personality

finding a niche based on personality

This is the “acting the part” part of the equation. Apart from looks people pay a lot of attention on personalities. What do we mean by this?

A lot of fantasies are all about stepping into a specific role. So, while your looks do matter, it’s really more about how well you can take on and portray a certain character. This is what we call roleplay.

Once more, you have two approaches to consider:
1. Pick a random character that you feel you can portray well.
2. Explore your own fantasies and discover what’s lurking within.

The second approach tends to be more effective because you don’t have to put on an act. It comes natural for you to play the part since it aligns with who you are. You understand what people like and know how to act accordingly. With the first approach you miss all that but with some learning and practice, you can still nail it.

Some popular roleplay acts you can impersonate? Teacher, royal princess, boss or employee, doctor or a patient, virgin, gamer, girl next door, submissive or dominant female, findom, cop, $ex worker, student… the list goes on and on.

Blending both appearance and personality is the ultimate mix, allowing you to harness everything you’ve got to the fullest. However, if you lean more towards one aspect, it’s okay to focus on just that.

tip #4 sexual fantasies

You niche can also be your kink, something that you’re into. Again websites like FetLife are a good place to find loads of inspiration. Your sexual orientation also plays a role in this as well.

tip #5 more than one niche

You don’t have to limit yourself to one niche, you can have lots of them. However, you may want to avoid mixing multiple niches, especially those that don’t naturally go together.

For example, if you fit into the latina, hot mom niche but are also into domination and have a shy personality, you don’t need to combine all these into one character (unless you want to).

Although having a niche is very desirable and having more than one is great (more audiences), combining them into one persona can be limiting because it targets very specific people. You don’t want that because
a) it’s very hard to find the right audience
b) not many people are into those very, very specific things.

When you acquire a fanbase on onlyfans you’ll have lots of different fans and many of them will ask for specific stuff. That’s the time to shine and make them into loyal fans. But in terms of marketing, it’s better to stay somewhat broad.

So, it’s better to promote yourself as a person with more niches. In this case you can promote the latina mommy niche, dominatrix and shy baby separately, or combine the shy latina, dominating mommy and etc.

Niches don’t necessarily need to be sexual. They can include normal everyday hobbies like reading, cooking, fitness, painting and such. You can always mix these things up and create unique personas for example a hot mommy that loves to cook for her fans, or a dominatrix who enjoys reading a book while her fans are tied up.

Some niches aren’t flexible and if you want to fit into them, you have to look and act a specific way. We’ve listed some of the most popular ones currently trending the onlyfans universe here. While you can put your twist on those, don’t alter it too much because you risk losing character.

In the end it’s all about experimenting and seeing what works best for you. Find a sweet spot between your looks and personality as that special blend is what truly defines you.

And that’s everything on finding your perfect onlyfans niche, we hope this blog put some insight and helped you in your journey into finding the perfect onlyfans niche.

Remember whatever you choose most important is to always do what’s comfortable for you and set within your own boundaries. We wish you luck in your onlyfans path and as always, see you in the next blog!

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